Our blog covers a wide range of topics, from the latest design trends and construction techniques to tips on how to maximize the potential of your granny flat as an investment property or a comfortable living space for your loved ones.

Investing in a Secondary Dwelling: How It Can Help Your Kids

Discover the game-changing potential of secondary dwellings in securing your child's path to homeownership. Explore strategic insights, real-life success stories, and expert advice from a ...
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5 fundamental tips for planning a stress-free backyard granny flat

No longer can people just buy a new home when they need more room; now property is so expensive that adding extra space on your ...
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3 must-knows before building a granny flat in Queensland in 2023

Today the stars are aligned, and in our humble opinion, it’s never been a better time to build a granny flat in the Sunshine State. ...
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Granny flat DIY kit or professional build: which is cheaper, easier and better overall?

Is a granny flat kit home just as good as a professional build? Is it cheaper to DIY? We explain it all here. DC House ...
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Is a granny flat better than an investment property?

Rental returns are one of Australia’s favourite ways to bolster retirement funds and create passive income. But how do granny flats stack up against house-and-land ...
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Granny flat FAQs: permits, prices and more

Granny flats have plenty of benefits, including extra income, but building one is a big project with lots of ‘what ifs’. So, here are the ...
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