More family, more freedom, tiny footprint. Bespoke pods are the cheapest, smartest way to add more to your home.

Whether you need quiet space to work from home, have aging parents who need to be close by, or adult kids struggling to buy a home, granny flats are the ultimate solution to make more out of what you already have.

6 easy steps to a money-making, life-changing granny flat

Home Office

Create the perfect dedicated space for remote work

Studio Space

Ideal for creativity, inspiration or to showcase products

Teen Retreat

Free up space and give your teens a place to unwind

Granny Flat

Move your parents into your home with personal space and privacy

Second Dwelling

Help your adult kids with a separate place to live while they save.

Guest Room

Give visitors their own tiny home or rent it out to holidaymakers.

The #1 answer to Australia’s property woes.

The average Aussie will need around six years to save for a deposit these days.

Rental prices have risen a whopping 20% since 2020.

More than 40% of people now work from home.

The changes our country has seen over the past two years have caused enormous grief. Not enough housing, expensive rents and homes that are too small for working families.

That’s why granny flats have exploded in popularity. People are realising that the answer to so many problems is right at their front door!

Call them what you will – granny flats, backyard pods, secondary dwellings or tiny homes – these little gems are giving people the space they need for themselves and their families.

So many people are surprised when we visit their property, and they see the potential right there in front of them. Granny flats only need a tiny space in your yard, but they deliver a big impact on the way you live.

How could a granny flat change your life?

Let’s face it, you’re a lucky person if you own a property these days. You may not even realise how much more potential your house and land have – enough potential to help you and your family with some of our biggest property struggles.

1. Cramped in? Granny flats are the family solution.
  • A home to help your folks, who are getting too old to live alone but you want them close by. A granny flat is ideal because you both have your privacy, your parents have independence, but you’re there to help when they need it. There’s no denying the positive influence of having family around!
  • A pad for your grown children who can’t afford a house. Adult kids these days are called boomerang children because they keep coming back. Who can blame them when the cost of rent and homeowning is impossibly high? A granny flat is a low-cost housing solution that gives everyone some space. We’re sure your kids will appreciate the helping hand.
  • A guest suite for visitors. When friends and family come to stay, you can give them their own space, and rent the flat out to holidaymakers when it’s not being used
2. Can’t concentrate? Granny flats create work/life balance.

Flexible work-from-home practices have opened up a whole new way of living, which also means homes now double as workplaces. However, working becomes much more difficult when you have multiple adults, children, cats, dogs and fish all inhabiting the same rooms in a regular home. Installing a small granny flat that doubles as an office or studio give you room to work in peace and shut the door on the office behind you when it’s time to finish.

3. Budget worries? Granny flats open up financial opportunities.

Tiny homes are one of the best ways to create extra income for a small outlay. In fact, many granny flats on the Gold Coast can earn around $500 per week! They have one of the highest ‘returns on investment’ because of their low initial outlay.

To discuss your options and what kind of pod home would suit your property, you can chat with one of our team members. We offer free on-site visits to measure out your land and discuss possibilities, and then we’ll take care of it all from there.

How do I build a granny flat?

Luckily, you don’t! We take care of the entire process from start to finish. You get to do the fun parts, like choosing tiles, carpet, sinks and taps.

Here’s how the build process works.

  1. On-site chat, measurements and initial plans: we’ll visit your property and see what kind of granny flat you’re after, and what will fit your space. We’ll be able to give you projected costs, too (we’re very upfront about pricing!).
  2. You choose the house design: we have a range of our best designs for you to choose from (we can build 1 bedroom studios through to spacious 3 bedroom homes). Once you’ve chosen a design, you can also pick out the fixtures and fittings. You’ll have a professional design team there to help you make the best choices.
  3. Leave it in your team leader’s hands: you’ll be assigned a dedicated team leader who will oversee the entire build process until completion. You’ll get weekly updates on progress, and once the build is finished, you’ll be handed the keys.

Our granny flats also include what other builders don’t, and that’s all the extras that usually cost more. Things like landscaping, driveways, and even letterboxes are part of our packages.

We believe in full transparency, which includes pricing, the build process, and what you can expect from a granny flat on your property!


What size land do I need?

The minimum space required for a secondary dwelling is 30m2. We can visit your property to measure your land and work out the best-fitting granny flat, all free of charge with no obligation to go ahead. 

What kind of granny flats do you build?

You can choose from a studio-style space up to 3 bedrooms. Our designs are modern, spacious and comfortable, and custom-designed to maximise rental returns. We’ll be able to work that the best size and layout for you when we do a free site measurement.

How much does a granny flat cost?

We offer some of the best prices in South East Queensland but we never skimp on quality. We don’t believe in hidden costs and fees; the price you get from us includes everything, and we can incorporate extras that others don’t such as landscaping, decks and driveways.

Like any home build, the final price depends on size and inclusions. To give you an idea though, you could be looking at around $90,000 to $125,000.

However, when you compare that to the cost of a new home these days –approximately $300,000 – plus the savings on buying land and all the purchasing fees, settlement fees and so on, it’s a very small sum for the returns!

Why can’t I just get a DIY granny flat?

People think DIY is better because it’s cheaper, but DIY kits focus only on the building materials. You’ll also need to have it assembled, run power and plumbing, pay for and pass inspections, add landscaping, fencing and concreting – the list goes on and on.

All told, the final price between DIY and custom-built is very small; it’s just that you did all the work instead of letting professionals take care of it for you! A DIY kit won’t include any kind of builder’s warranty either.

What inclusions do granny flats come with? How do I choose a layout?

Our granny flats are move-in ready, right down the letterbox! We 100% pride ourselves on creating little homes that are as beautiful to live in as they are to look at.

You can choose from our investor range, which is a series of home designs that have been proven to be renter-favourites. The decision-making process is very easy and we have a team of design experts to help you along the way. We’re also more than happy to customise a home for you.

The granny flats we build come with builder’s warranty and 6-star energy ratings, as well as our own guarantee of first-class quality.

How do I start?

Just contact us to get the ball rolling. We’ll visit your property to do a free measure and quote, and from there you can choose your favourite granny flat design and the fittings and fixtures. Our design team can help you if you need it. You’ll be assigned a team leader who will manage your project, give you updates on the build and complete all the inspections – and hand the keys over when it’s ready for your first tenants.

A granny flat makes room for the most important things: family, flexibility and freedom.

Just how much can a granny flat change your life? Find out today.

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