Thinking about transforming your lifestyle with a secondary dwelling?

Australians nationwide are embracing the change, finding a world of possibilities in these compact yet transformative living spaces. Whether it’s a steady stream of rental income, a lucrative Airbnb venture, an upgraded lifestyle, or room for extended family, secondary dwellings are the modern solution for Aussies seeking extraordinary lifestyles.

And the best part? You don’t need an expansive property or a hefty budget to make it happen!

4-step journey to a rewarding secondary dwelling:

Property Assessment

We'll evaluate your property for size and pricing—completely free!


Select from our pre-designed homes or craft your own.

Construction Commences

We handle everything from A to Z.

Enjoy the Benefits

Ready for renters, family, a home studio, or office.

People around the country are recognising the potential of secondary dwellings—the latest revolution in property.

Whether you call it a granny flat, a small home, a tiny home, or the more sophisticated “secondary dwelling,” this extra space on your property holds untapped possibilities.

Instead of investing in extensive renovations or a million-dollar property, consider a superb secondary dwelling that seamlessly integrates with your existing property.

Unlock numerous life-changing opportunities:

Imagine the possibilities for your future. Ready to explore?

Fun Fact: Secondary dwellings have evolved tremendously in the last two decades.

While we still fondly use the term ‘granny flat,’ today’s secondary dwellings are small, stylish homes or studios with 100% modern luxury, all without the hefty price tag of a full-sized house.

In high demand, modern secondary dwellings are among the most sought-after accommodations in the country. We specialise in secondary dwellings and take pride in helping families gain extra income, unite on the same land, or establish a fresh work-from-home space.

Curious about adding a secondary dwelling but hesitating?

Perhaps you thought it was limited to acreage properties or basic garage conversions. However, these dwellings are now popular for properties of all sizes and locations.

Starting from cozy 30m2 studios to spacious 3-bedroom homes suitable for families, secondary dwellings accommodate all budgets and styles. Our team can visit your property for a free assessment, providing on-the-spot advice tailored to your needs. We believe in transparent pricing with no hidden surprises, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Concerns holding you back?

We’ve heard it all, and most perceived roadblocks are not problems at all!

For instance, you might think:

"My land is too small"

Tiny homes fit in surprisingly small spaces.

"It seems expensive"

Secondary dwellings are cost-effective, saving on land expenses and offering significant rental income.

"I don't know where to start"

One call is all it takes. Our team leader guides you through the process from start to finish.

"I rent, so I can't have one"

Consider adding a secondary dwelling to an investment property for increased yield and loan approval.

"I can build a DIY one cheaper"

Professional construction often proves more cost-effective and time-efficient.

I’d have to do a lot of work

We include everything your granny flat needs, including driveways and landscaping. There are no hidden costs; your tiny home will be move-in ready complete with builder’s warranty.

Secondary dwellings are full of potential, and a conversation with us is the first step to realising that potential. We’re passionate about transforming your home!

Wondering about the financial benefits of a secondary dwelling?

Discover the financial advantages of a secondary dwelling—a savvy investment in the current property boom. In South East Queensland, these dwellings yield an average of $400-$500 per week, providing high returns with a reasonable initial investment.

Dive into our latest article, “Investing in a Secondary Dwelling: How It Can Help Your Kids,” to explore the unique benefits and strategies for securing a brighter financial future.

Once your secondary dwelling becomes self-sufficient, relish in hands-off, residual income—an ideal boost for retirement plans, holiday funds, and accelerated mortgage payments.

Discover how a secondary dwelling can truly change your life.

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