10 inspiring ways to use a granny flat in your backyard

Granny flats are so much more versatile than just a little house in the backyard. They can do anything from produce income, become a classroom or give your teen somewhere to chill with friends. Here are 10 thought-provoking ways to use a granny flat that you may never have thought of.

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Home gym.

Lockdowns taught us that our homes can become anything, including a fitness centre. If you don’t have room in your home or garage for gym gear, you can build a simple studio space kitted with a sound system, equipment and even an ensuite for post-workout showers

Entertainment room.

Having a separate space away from the house for fun and games – especially if you have a large family or a small home – can be great for organising get-togethers, family board game nights or online game nights. You can incorporate a kitchenette and bathroom for convenience, too.

Home office.

Granny flats make an amazing home office because you can customise the rooms into whatever size and style of space you need. For instance, you can have a sitting and standing desk area, a table for writing and planning, and a recliner or couch for online meetings. You can also have an area for meeting with clients, a kitchenette for making coffee, and a bathroom. A separate home office keeps distractions at a minimum and keeps work at work, so you’re not reminded of it every time you walk past the office door in your home.

Home school.

More and more families are choosing home schooling, and granny flats provide a ‘classroom’ style space without the distractions of toys, game consoles orthe snack cupboard. You can tailor the spaces to suit different activities, like having an art hub, a reading zone, desks for writing and even room for yoga mats and indoor exercise. It can be helpful for kids to have a specific start and end time to their school day, and a granny flat makes it much easier and more fun for the family.

Man cave/She shed.

A place away from home – but not too far – to disconnect, unwind and have some privacy is increasingly in demand as life becomes more stressful. Man caves and she-sheds can be fitted with tv’s, reading nooks, pool tables, bars, artworks, candles – even a bath or sauna room is a possibility. A self-contained place to hang by yourself or have a few friends over does wonders for self-care and contentment.


Artists and musicians, as well as hobby enthusiasts, can use granny flats as a studio or workshop. It’s perfect for storage, setting up the space with the necessary equipment and tools, and working on your project or practising your craft in peace. You can also host hobby parties with friends, or even paid experiences such as Paint-and-Sip art classes.

Long-term rental accommodation.

Of course,one of theways people use granny flats the most is for extra income. In Queensland, it’s now legal to rent your extra accommodation to anyone, not just relatives, making it an excellent means for residual income without the enormous expense of buying an investment property. It’s possible to earn $450+ per week on a granny flat, which is $23,400 per year. Granny flats are relatively cheap to build, which means they can be paid off within a few years and become an asset that earns a profit and add enormous value to your property.

Aging in place

Granny flats are still widely used for their original purpose – as a way to house aging relatives so they can be close by (hence the name granny flat!). Giving elderly relatives a place to live that’s comfortable and independent, but with family support close by, has many benefits including stronger social ties, and greater mental and physical well-being.

Guest house/short-stay accommodation.

You can use a granny flat to host people for a few days at a time, either as visitors (for instance, visiting family or friends) or as paid guests. Sites like Airbnb and Stayz make it easy to list your accommodation and earn extra cash each week without having a permanent renter on your property. You can list the home for holiday rental on the dates you want, and keep it free for visitors any other time.

Pool cabana.

Propertiesin Australia are getting more expensive, and people are instead looking for ways to utilise their backyard space for more impact, an improved lifestyle, and better entertainment. Using an open plan and even bi-fold or stacker doors, you can use a granny flat to open onto the pool area as a cabana with pool lounges, games like ping pong and billiards, a tv and lounge, and so on. A pool cabana takes your backyard experience to a whole new level, and means no traipsing through the house to get food, drinks or towels.

If you’re inspired by the long list of ways to use a granny flat – and that’s only scratching the surface – you can easily see what could fit on your own property. Our team are happy to answer your questions and give you a free on-site inspection and quote. Feel free to call or contact us anytime for a hand.

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